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23 December 2013

Hello Thimm-san,


It's been a long time.

I hope you are well.


Time flies like an arrow.

It is one and a half years since Luna came to Japan.

My family and Luna are fine in Japan.

My two daugters go to universities from April.

So I live with my life and Luna.


I am sending a greeting card.


I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Best regards,


Takeshi Jimbo

07 Mai 2013 / Happy birthday Luna is 4 years

Today, Luna became 4 years old and this year was her first year in Japan!
Now, my sister and I live in Osaka, southern Japan, and my father and mother live in Aichi, middle of Japan. My sister and I go to university in Osaka so we can't see her everyday, but they visit Osaka once a month, so we're so excited to see her every time.
I can't believe that it has past 4 years after she became our family member! I saw a video that you uploaded on FB today and I remembered the day I visited you and saw Luna for first time!

I hope all of her brothers and sisters are fine and spend good time with their families:)
thank you a lot,

Juli 2012

We all back in Japan and she is enjoying her new life♡
I will upload more pictures of her on Facebook!
I saw Aggy's little babies!!!!
I can't believe that she is mother now! Please continue to upload their pic on here!We are always looking for new pictures you take!haha

May 2011

Luna is just two years old.We are very happy to live with her in Germany.We hope we meet you again before we return to Japan.

The pictures are from Oesterreich.

We went to there in Easter holiday!!!

Family Jimbo with Luna
Family Jimbo with Luna

...from 24 May 2010

We hope you are well.
 I am keeping silence for a long time.
Our dog,Luna,is just one year old on May 7th.
We are so happy that she is growing up without injury and illness.
We are having a good time with her.
Her height and weight are 46cm and 26kg.
We had some trips with her.
She has been to Paris and Venice.And she went to Belgium last week.
I am sending you some photos. Please have a look at them.
 Best regards,
Takeshi Jimbo


...from December 2009



Luna - She left us at 26 July 09

Luna (Alegra)
Luna (Alegra)




After 11 weeks, our last puppy "Luna", left us to join with her new family Jimbo.



We had a very beautiful time with Luna and it was hard to say good by, after she already became a piece of our heart.

Feedback about Luna received already by end of August 2009

Hello Thimm-san,

About 1 month will pass since Luna was a member of my family.
Luna has adjusted herself to our environment.
Luna is very clever puppy.

We took Luna to our animal doctor yesterday.
Luna took the third inoculation and a health checkup
The doctor was very satisfied with the
healthy of Luna.

Luna is fine. Luna's weight is 13kg now.
Luna has begun to take training from last week.
We are looking forward to her growth.

We look forward to seeing you with Luna again on some occasion in the future.


Best regards

Family Jimbo


Family Jimbo
Family Jimbo
I'm so beautiful
I'm so beautiful
I can be relaxed
I can be relaxed